Christmas Trees 2020

Ponduce Farms welcomes you

for the 2020 Holiday Season!

Ponduce Farm is a real farm and we don’t mind getting a little dirty.  If you do, then we suggest you visit our Tree Lot for a broad selection of beautiful, fresh cut trees from our property.  Feeling adventurous and want to choose your own tree?  This year, we’re offering the opportunity to drive out into the field to pick your own tree.  

Access to our field is on a dirt field road, so you’ll want to leave any low-riding vehicle at home.  Naturally, if there is rain or snow there will be mud.  It will most definitely get on your car, your shoes, & most likely on you.  

Choose & Cut Trees for 2020

Love the tradition of choosing your own Christmas Trees?  Join us on the weekends from 10am – 4pm at the farm.  Here’s how it will work for 2020:

  • Drive directly to the field
  • Choose your tree
  • Our elves will cut, bale, & drill your tree
  • You’ll pay for your tree
  • Load & tie it securely to your vehicle
  • Then, off you go! 

Douglas Fir & Concolor Fir Only, any tree just $40!


Visit our Tree Lot

Open from November 27 – December 20, visit our Tree Lot for a Fresh Cut Christmas Tree.  Choose from

  • Douglas Fir
  • Fraser
  • Concolor
  • Blue Spruce

Prices starting at $20 & up

Open Daily 10 am – 7pm.

Looking for Wholesale Trees?